Milestone Inspections

Milestone Structural Inspection

What is a Milestone Home Inspection?

A Milestone Structural Inspection is a thorough examination of the structure of your home. Lenders in Florida typically require this type of inspection before closing on a home. A milestone home inspection will check the foundation, framing, and roof condition, as well as the home’s exterior and interior. The inspector will also check for any visible signs of damage or defects. The Milestone Inspection report will provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your home. In addition, it will help you identify any potential issues that may need to be addressed.

Why do you need milestone inspections service in South Florida?

After the unfortunate event of the building collapsing in Surfside, South Florida, resulting in the loss of almost 100 lives. the Florida legislature passed the law on May 2022 for milestone structural inspection of buildings that can be done in two phases. This first phase of milestone inspections in Florida applies to condominium buildings three stories or built before 1992 by licensed engineers. However, the second phase will have required if any issue is found in the basic milestone inspection.

Phase One Milestone Inspections Florida

Phase one of the milestone inspection is involved a visual milestone inspection that needs to be done through a licensed engineer. To make your milestone home inspection phase one easy, TCE&I will facilitate you with all the expertise. We’re a highly experienced and reputable firm that has been providing quality milestone inspections throughout the state for many years. We have a team of highly skilled and  knowledgeable engineers who will make sure that your building meets all the necessary requirements. We’re also very familiar with the building code requirements in Florida, so you can rest assured that your milestone inspection will be conducted properly and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Phase Two Milestone Inspection Florida

Phase two of the milestone inspection involved a structural assessment. It’s only needed when the inspection engineer finds any issue during the phase one inspection. If any problem is found in the phase one inspection of your building, TCE&I will help you conduct a deep milestone structural inspection to find the root cause and help you understand what majors need to be taken.

We not only help you to carry out a complete milestone inspection but our service also included the submission of detailed reports of the  milestone inspections of your building in South Florida to the condominium association.

Conduct Structural Integrity Reserve Study

The team of experts in TCE&I will not only provide you with the service of phase one and phase two milestone inspection. Along with the structural engineers, our professionals help you to carry out a detailed study while performing the milestone structural inspection. Conducting a structural integrity reserve study is necessary for you as it is the basic requirement of milestone home inspections in Florida.

As per Florida, the  condominium association must complete this research to ensure they have all the funds to complete the required restorations.

Financial & Legal Procedure

After completing the phase one visual milestone inspection, phase two milestone structural inspection, and thorough  structural integrity reserve study, the final step is required to take action on the final repair. It can only be done through professionals having expertise in financial and legal matters to aid you in making the best repair plan.

Tri Country Engineering and Inspections has a team of professionals having expertise in financial and legal matters that will help you to assist  during the complete procedure and provide you with complete help in bringing the best repair strategy.

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