4-Point Inspection (4P)

Price: From $100

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Description: A Tri-County Certified Electrician/ Building Inspector will evaluate the 4 major points of your home’s existing condition. The report will document the age and condition of the following components:

  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing
  • Roof Condition
  • HVAC – Air Conditioning/ Heating unit

“Why Do I Need a 4-point Inspection?”

The 4-Point Inspection was created shortly after Hurricane Andrew destroyed South Florida in 1992. It is performed on behalf of the insurance companies and, typically, as a requirement for the insurer offering insurance to the new homeowner. If your home is more than 25 years old your insurance company might require you to order a 4-point Inspection. Insurance companies are generally looking for the four systems to be in generally good working condition. For older homes the insurance companies want to see that the systems meet the latest safety requirements....

Windstorm Mitigation (WM)

Price: From $95

Duration: 10-20 minutes

Description: A Tri-County Certified Contractor will evaluate the wind-resistant features on your home. The report will document the safety and constructional features such as:

  • Roof to Wall Attachments
  • Roof to Deck Attachments
  • Roof Covering & Geometry
  • Gable End Bracing
  • Wall Construction Type
  • Opening Protection [I.e. Windows, Doors, Garage]
  • Building Code


“Why Do I Need a Windstorm Mitigation Inspection?”

The short answer: To save money!
The savings on insurance premiums can be quite substantial after a Wind Mitigation Inspection. After Hurricane Andrew, Miami-Dade and Broward County passed a law requiring the homes to be built to Category 5 hurricane standards. Many Floridians do not know of this law.

Roof Condition Certification (RC)

Price: From $95.

Duration: 5-15 minutes

Description: A Tri-County Certified Contractor will evaluate the condition of the structure’s roof. The report will document the following:

  • Remaining Life of Roof
  • Roof Material Type
  • Updates on Roof
  • Visible Signs of Damage/ Deterioration
  • Visible Signs of Leaks

“Why Do I Need a Roof Condition Certification?”

Citizens insurance requires Roof Condition Certification inspections. This is usually an inspection that has to be done, or your insurance will be terminated. Homes over 25 years old with a shingle roof, homes over 50 years old with any other type of roof, and mobile homes over 25 years old must have the roof replaced to be eligible for coverage. Citizens Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 1108) is our default form for this type of inspection.

Flood Elevation Certificate (FEC)

Price: From $150 (FEC and Mortgage Survey combo From $350 depending on lot size)

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Description: A Tri-County Licensed Surveyor will evaluate and provide data to help properly rate properties for flood insurance. An Elevation Certificate can determine precisely where your home is located in relationship to the Base Flood Elevation.

“Why Do I Need a Flood Elevation Certificate?”

The Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 requires flood insurance to be purchased for properties in Special Flood Hazard Areas before owners can receive financial assistance from insurance companies. The Flood Elevation Certificate is a tool that FEMA uses to certify building elevations if the building is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area. This form will help determine the proper flood insurance premium rate for the building.



Price: From $350

Description: A Tri-County Surveyor will evaluate the property assuring that it meets the current zoning and building codes. This inspection surveys:

  • Buildings
  • Sheds
  • Fences
  • Property Lines/ Boundaries

“Why do I need a Mortgage Survey?”

A mortgage survey is generally conducted to determine land boundaries and building locations. The main purpose of this inspection is for the property owner to be rest assured that no one is encroaching on their property, and so that they are clearly informed on whether the property meets the current zoning, safety and building codes. It is very important for the owner/ prospective owner to know this information and they made fully aware of any current violations that are occurring at that location.

Please Note: Construction Surveys are different and more specific to prospective construction projects. Mortgage Surveys cannot use for an approval on prospective construction projects.

Insurance Inspections & Replacement Cost Appraisals/ Valuations (RCAs)


Prices: Commercial Insurance Appraisal/ Replacement Cost Appraisal: From $350
Residential Insurance Appraisal/ Replacement Cost Appraisal: From $350

* Note: Each property/ structure is unique. Please call our office for a detailed quote on your specific property.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Description: Insurance Appraisals and Replacement Cost Appraisals/ Valuations are conducted with the utmost professionalism by an expert TCE&I appraiser who evaluates and determines the value of the structure for insurance reconstruction/ replacement costs. Information regarding the square footage of the building, type of construction, and property condition is recorded during a field inspection. TCE&I completes Insurance

Appraisals/ Replacement Cost Appraisals for all types of commercial and residential properties, including:

  • Warehouses/ Industrial Space
  • Office Buildings
  • Mobile Home/ RV Parks
  • Mid-Rise/ High-Rise Buildings
  • Malls/ Strip Malls/ Retail Centers
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Hotels
  • Land
  • Special Purpose Structures

    The property features evaluated during a typical Insurance Appraisal or Replacement
    Cost Appraisal/ Valuation include:
  • Wall Construction
  • Roof Construction
  • Windows/ Doors
  • Pool/ Cabana
  • Flooring
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms

    “Why Do I Need an Insurance Appraisal or Replacement Cost Appraisal/Valuation?”

    Insurance Appraisals and Replacement Cost Appraisals/ Valuations (also known as cost replacement appraisals) provide the insurance replacement cost, in dollars, which gives owners, insurance agents, and corporations the ability to accurately insure a property in the event of catastrophe. The information obtained from an Insurance Appraisal or Replacement Cost Appraisal/ Valuation is itemized and recorded in the Marshall & Swift/Boeckh BVS (Commercial) or 360Value (Residential) calculation system software. The system then computes an estimate of the current insurance replacement cost of the structure based on the property features recorded during the inspection and the current market costs of labor, materials, and other related fees (i.e. The Cost Approach). Insurance professionals use Insurance Appraisals or Replacement Cost Appraisals/ Valuations to determine replacement cost insurance premiums.

    **It is important to note that Market Value does not equal Replacement Cost. Replacement cost is the cost to rebuild the property or structure brand new. Therefore, the market value of a property may be more or less than the replacement cost value. Please consult your insurance agent for more information on Insurance Appraisals and Replacement Cost Appraisals/ Valuations.

    For commercial properties, TCE&I recommends ordering an Insurance Appraisal or Replacement Cost Appraisal/ Valuation every 18-24 months