Draw Inspection Services - Why Tri-County Inspections?

Bank Loan Inspections are required by all Lending Institutions to determine the amount of work that has been completed at a construction site so the Borrower (a Construction Company or Home Builder) can draw on their loan.

Draw inspections are typically conducted on a monthly basis, but can be performed as requested by the contractor. TCE&I documents the information obtained during the inspection in a report that records the percentage of completion observed for each construction component. Digital photos accompany all of our inspection reports to our clients. Each and every photo and line item is reviewed to determine the percentage of completion. The number of site visits during the life of a project will be as requested by the institution. We will provide professional, un-biased third party inspections that will save you time and money. TCE&I will provide this inspection service as a professional independent agent and be on call as required.


Our service area extends throughout South Florids. We act as the eyes and ears for lending institutions that are prepared to disburse a partial payment of a construction loan for residential and/or commercial buildings. We report on the current condition of a construction site by providing lenders with an accurate snapshot of each building that is under construction or ready for renovation. Site visits will be "general" in nature for the purpose of making an unbiased statement concerning the progress of the work-in-place.


Our reports include the following:

  • General description of the project
  • Current status of the construction process including comments on each phase of construction completion schedule/Timeline.
  • Quality of work/Conditions/Concerns
  • Change orders & stored material
  • Verification of permits, zoning, licenses, taxes, and insurance or bonding for the project and contractor
  • Payment recommendations
  • Job site picture