40 Year Re-certification

Price: Varies depending upon structure.

Description: A Tri-County Architect or Structural Engineer will perform a visual safety inspection of the overall paint, plumbing, and electrical system of the commercial structure.

“Why Do I Need a Building Safety & Recertification Inspection?”

The Miami-Dade County Building Department and the Broward Board of Rules and Appeals now requires commercial buildings within their jurisdiction that are 40 years of age or older to have a safety inspection complete. This is not really an option; owners will receive a letter from the Building Official requesting this inspection and the time frame to have it completed. The owner will have 90 days to have the inspection performed. This inspection must be performed by a licensed Architect or Professional Engineer and focuses primarily on the structural elements and electrical system.
The team of professionals at Tri-County recommends getting the inspection as soon as possible to allow time for repairs. After the initial inspection the property owner has 180 days to have the place repaired and re-inspected.